Rome enjoys unseasonably warm November

Wave of warm weather follows St Martin’s Day.

Rome is enjoying unseasonably warm November weather this week, with the unusual sight of people sitting outdoors in t-shirts in the mid-November sunshine.

The warm weather is set to last until Thursday, according to meterologist Lorenzo Tedici of the weather forecast website, with temperatures in Italy currently “5 to 8°C higher” than the average for this time of year.

The wave of sunshine comes in the days after St Martin’s Day, on 11 November, an event associated in Italy with l’Estate di San Martino, an Indian summer courtesy of the fourth-century saint.

According to the popular legend, Martin, an officer in the Roman army, was leaving the French city of Tours on horseback when he met a pauper dressed in rags.

Instinctively Martin took off his woollen cloak and cut it, sharing one half with the poor man.

After Martin’s good deed, the sun came out and warmed up the days of mid-November.

Cover image: Acqua Marcia Fountain, Borgo Pio. Photo Wanted in Rome.

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