Netflix continues Rome crime saga with new series

Netflix to release Suburra spin-off in November.

Suburræterna, the new Netflix series that continues the Suburra saga of Rome’s criminal underworld, will be released in Italy and around the world on 14 November.

The series, which previewed last month at the Rome Film Festival, acts as a sequel to the hugely successful three-season Suburra series which concluded in 2020.

Suburræterna will see the return of Giacomo Ferrara in the role of Spadino and Filippo Nigro as Amedeo Cinaglia, alongside new characters.

The series is set in Rome in 2011 against the volatile backdrop of a teetering government, the Vatican in crisis, and social turmoil on the city’s streets.

Giacomo Ferrara as Spadino and Filippo Nigro as Amedeo Cinaglia in Suburræterna.


Cinaglia has tried to carry on Samurai’s legacy and, together with Badali (Emmanuele Aita), continues to manage the city’s criminal affairs with the help of Adelaide (Paola Sotgiu) and Angelica (Carlotta Antonelli), who remained at the head of the Anacleti family, and Nadia (Federica Sabatini) who helps them control Ostia.

However this system is no longer accepted by new underworld figures who risk upsetting the balance of power in the city, forcing Spadino to return home to protect his family and seek allies where he never thought he would find them.

“While chaos rules over Rome, established alliances are at risk as tensions rise with emerging criminal clans” – Netflix says – “The world of “Suburra” takes a new turn.”

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