Milan have returned to a state of profit for the first time in more than 15 years, closing their balance sheet with a surplus for the first time since 2006. The Rossoneri recorded a profit of €2.5M back then but have made more than double this time around.

As per Calcio e Finanza, after evaluation by the Board of Directors at the club, the accounts of the 2022/23 season culminated with a profit of €6M. In stark contrast, the Rossoneri encountered a negative of €66M the season prior, in 2021/22. It was even worse in 2020/21, with a reported negative balance of over €190M.

The revenues in the 2022/23 season exceeded €400M, compared to €297M in 2021/22, thus setting a new record in the history of Milan.

The seven-time European champions have experienced the boost in cash especially with their exploits in the UEFA Champions League last season as they made it until the semi-finals. However, that is not it, as sponsorship and commercial revenues have also aided in the financial growth for Milan. Partnerships with top-class brands such as BMW, Fly Emirates, wefox, and BitMex have only helped the Rossoneri increase their returns over the long term.

Milan are now focused on building a new stadium complex in the San Donato Milanese area with an investment raking over €1B, plans for which are noted to begin in 2025 and end in 2028.

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