RedBird Capital are mulling Damien Comolli for an apical role at Milan, especially should they sell Toulouse, which is in the works. He’s currently the president of the French side. He’d likely come in as the CEO, which would reshuffle the Rossoneri’s hierarchy, Tuttomercatoweb informed.

Giorgio Furlani would be the most at risk as he holds such a title. He could be redirected toward other non-football activities under the fund’s umbrella. He was a board member before becoming the chief. He’s their lone director under investigation in the probe into their ownership structure. They aren’t particularly concerned about it, but it might lead to some changes.

Comolli might bring some affiliates with him, which could threaten the position of further members of the Milan front office, in particular Geoffrey Moncada, who was promoted to head of the technical area after the departures of Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara.

The French official is close to François Modesto, who’s at Monza and has been linked to Roma a few times but hasn’t been formally hired. Furlani previously stated that he wouldn’t want to join other teams if he ever left the Rossoneri.

Our Take on Milan and Comolli

It’d likely affect their CEO, who has worked in football only with them. Instead, there’s no reason Moncada couldn’t go back to being the head scout or the newcomer join with slightly different roles.

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