Italy celebrates Cappuccino Day – Wanted in Rome

Italian bars pay tribute to cappuccino on 8 November.

Coffee bars in Italy mark Cappuccino Day, an annual homage to the espresso-based coffee drink made with steamed milk, on Tuesday 8 November.

Celebrations will be mainly over breakfast, due to the Italian tradition of generally not consuming the frothy hot drink after mid-morning, however social media will pay tribute to cappuccino throughout the day.

What are the origins of cappuccino?

The origins of the much-loved drink are unclear and remain a source of debate.

According to popular legend, cappuccino was invented by the Italian Capuchin friar Marco d’Aviano in Vienna in 1683.

The story goes that the friar was unable to drink the strong coffee he was served in Vienna and added milk to coffee to sweeten its bitter taste.

The silky drink was subsequently named kapuziner (cappuccino) for its similarity to the colour of the friars’ habit.

A cappuccino is an approximately 150 ml beverage, with 25 ml of espresso coffee and 85 ml of fresh milk, according to Italian coffee giant Illy, with the additional volume created by the foaming action.

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