Inter dropped some points by going with reserve-filled lineups in the Champions League, which ultimately cost them the top position, but the mandate comes from above, as Steven Zhang indicated the Scudetto as their primary objective during the team’s Christmas dinner (via SportMediaset).

“We are where we need to be. We have a dream, the second star, and we’re working to achieve it.”

The president spoke through a video message as he’s currently in China.

“Our journey last year up until the Istanbul final and what we’re doing this season make me proud. Thanks to everybody and the front office that guarantees continuity. Inter are and will remain stable. Kudos to Simone Inzaghi for the job he has done so far. We’re on the right track.”

Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta intervened and made some remarks along the same line.

“We should keep the bar high and not settle with what we have achieved in previous months. We have big expectations, and the results hinge on how we work.”

According to Tuttosport (via OneFootball), while the atmosphere was jovial, the fact that Zhang hasn’t been in town in months is starting to raise eyebrows. He was expected to fly back for Inzaghi’s renewal, which was postponed until September 5th and then for the Derby ten days later. He didn’t show up for the latest board meeting either on October 26th, when the chatter suggested he’d be back before the festivities at the latest, but it hasn’t happened.

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