We’re all a little disappointed, of course, but it’s important to maintain a routine in difficult ties, so let’s wrap up the January transfer window in the usual way. Because there are a bunch of leagues that can still register players, we could see another guy or two trickle out (and I’ll update this list if that happens) but, barring that, here’s every transfer Fiorentina made this winter. I haven’t prorated the salaries for the half season left, but you’re smart enough to do the math if you’re that interested.


CF Andrea Belotti (AS Roma): dry loan with €750,000 fee

RB Davide Faraoni (Hellas Verona): loan with unknown optional fee


CB Yerry Mina (Cagliari): free

LW Josip Brekalo (Hajduk Split): €100,000 loan fee

CM Lorenzo Amatucci (Ternana): dry loan

CB Christian Dalle Mura (Ternana): dry loan

AM Niccolò Falconi (Pianese): dry loan

CF Filippo Guidobaldi (Recanatese): dry loan

RB Niccolò Pierozzi (Salernitana): dry loan

Current loanee moves

AM Vittorio Agostinelli: Lecco —> Virtus Francavilla

CB Lorenzo Cellai: Virtus Verona —> Montevarchi

CB Eduard Duțu: Ancona —> Virtus Francavilla

CB Dimo Krastev: Catanzaro —> Feralpisalò

CB Bruno Prati: Cerignola —> Grosseto

CF Eljon Toci: Sestri Levante —> Pro Sesto


Fees spent: €750,000

Fees received: €100,000

Net: €650,000

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