Rome marks Natale di Roma on 21 April.

Rome celebrates 2,777 years today, Sunday 21 April, in a popular birthday tradition called Natale di Roma.

The annual celebration – known in ancient times as Dies Romana or Romaia – is based on the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus in 753 BC.

The Eternal City is marking its birthday in 2024 with a weekend of historical re-enactments of ancient Roman rituals and gladiator fights.

Most of the action takes place at the Circus Maximus where visitors of all ages can enjoy the free spectacles staged by the Gruppo Storico Romano historical dramatic society.

The three-day programme of events and workshops culminates in the costumed parade from the Circus Maximus, via the Colosseum, at 11.00 on Sunday morning.

This year the parade will boast more than 1,700 participants, hundreds of whom have travelled from across Europe to take part in the event.

The city celebrates the 2024 edition of Natale di Roma with a number of initiatives including a programme of special events in its municipal museums, illuminating Villa Massenzio with a new lighting system, reopening the rose garden on the Aventine hill and staging a run along the Appian Way.

Happy birthday Rome!

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