The words of Juventus patron John Elkann to the shareholders offered another hint about the departure of Massimiliano Allegri, who wasn’t mentioned whatsoever. Instead, a year ago, the owner indicated the coach as the center of their technical project.

Per Calciomercato, the fact that the Exor president stated that he wanted the club to be more sustainable implies that they won’t keep the current boss, who makes €7M net plus €2M add-ons, and won’t hire a top-paid one.

Elkann fully entrusted Cristiano Giuntoli with making the necessary decisions and forging the path ahead. The exec will bring more of his men to Turin in the summer. His arrival was somewhat rushed last year. He met Thiago Motta in recent weeks, asking for his availability to join the Bianconeri.

Allegri caught wind of it, and that’s where his nervousness comes from. Elkann suggested the present one was “Year-Zero” for the team. In reality, the next one will be equally, if not more, challenging. Giuntoli will have a little more to spend at this disposal, but not much. He will mostly have to follow Inter’s model in the last few years and try to mend their finances, as Milan did.

Our Take on Juventus, Elkann, and Allegri

Motta is the total package for a team in this state, eager to open a new cycle without splurging and while grooming their youngsters. It’d be a grave misstep if they missed out on him, especially to keep Allegri, who has run his course.

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